Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for a strapless heart rate monitor then you have come to the right place.

Monitoring your heart rate is an important part of exercising, you need to make sure that you are putting enough effort into your exercise to raise your heart rate up to get some benefit from the exercise, but equally you don’t want to push yourself too hard and put unnecessary strain on your heart.

Most heart rate monitors come with a chest strap, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, that bulky plastic bit in the center with an elastic strap to secure it to your chest. The strap does allow you to get a continuous reading which means the watch can take all kinds of measurements on average heart rate etc etc, but it is uncomfortable!

It is difficult to put on, on me it keeps slipping down so I need to tug on it and pull it up, it gets all sweaty, and it gives me an unsightly bulge in the center of my chest making me look weird if I am out and about jogging.

So the strapless heart rate monitor watch is a much better option for those people who want to monitor their heart rate as they train, but don’t want to go into reams and reams of detail about it, they just want to check their heart rate every so often to make sure they are on track with their training heart rate.

We’ve looked at all the top watches and chosen 3 which we think, based on price, functionality and reviews, make for the best strapless heart rate monitor watch you can buy today on the market.

BEST UNISEX & MEN’s Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch


From the masters of strapless HRMs, comes the MIO Motiva strapless heart rate monitor watch. A great looking sports watch, the Motiva combines great functionality at a great price.

Interesting features include multiple exercise timers such as the basic ‘Count Up/ Count Down’ but also ‘Walk/ Run Interval’ by which you can manage repeated intervals of running and walking and ‘Count Down & Repeat’ by which you can make sure you repeat a certain activity periodically.

It also includes an amazing weight management tool that calculates your daily caloric needs and the calories burned during your workouts allowing you to track your weight loss progress.

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BEST WOMEN’s Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Motiva Petite

First off, the MIO Motiva Petite is one of the few women’s strapless heart rate monitor we’ve found with any style to it, but it is also by a great brand name and includes loads of great features too.

The main feature we like is the fact you can input your personal data, and then when you take your heart rate it tells you what that is as a % of your maximum, so you don’t have to guess or work it out yourself.

It also includes date/time and calendar functions, an alarm, 2 timers, a backlight for the display and those bars at the top show you how much you are exerting yourself.

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Also Available in Grey

BEST CONTINUOUS Strapless Heart Rate Monitor


Welcome to the amazing ePulse2 strapless heart rate monitor watch. This is the only continuous strapless heart rate monitor on the market worth its salt. How does it work? By strapping to your arm rather than your chest.

  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • Max / Min / Avg Heart Rate
  • Exercise Calories Burned
  • Target Heart Rate Zones
  • Calorie Count Down
  • Color Day / Night OLED Display
  • Custom Heart Rate Zones
  • Exercise Time
  • Stop Watch with Split Times

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Other top manufacturers of these kind of HRM devices include:

Polar also have an interesting sports bra that makes for a great solution specifically within the women’s strapless heart rate monitor range.

You can check out more strapless heart rate monitor reviews here. I hope that you find one you like and that works well!

Please note that some people complain that they can’t get a reading from these watches (you need to put one finger each onto two sensors for a few seconds to get a reading) but what helps is if you have some moisture on your fingers, so moisten your fingertips before you try to get a reading if you struggle (most people get on fine with them, but if you do have trouble try that).

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